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At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.

M I N D  B O D Y  S P I R I T

MIND: Holistic Wellness Coaching

BODY: Nutrition Counselling and Physical Training

SPIRIT: Spiritual Counselling and Discourses


At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.

At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that true healing transcends merely addressing individual parts; instead, it involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.


Recognizing the inherent holistic nature of medicine, we are committed to reintegrating modern conventional medicine with its holistic roots. Understanding the profound connection between the mind and body, we acknowledge that our body responds to every thought our mind generates.


With the awareness that a significant portion of pain is psychosomatic, we approach healing not only by addressing physical symptoms but also by delving into the realms of the mind. This holistic healing perspective is integral to our approach, ensuring a comprehensive and enduring well-being for our clients.


Dr. Neetika Modi, embodying this holistic ethos, seamlessly blends modern psychology with Vedanta philosophy in her life coaching sessions.


This integrative approach extends to our dental practice, where a patient's pain is not merely alleviated through conventional methods but is also soothed by Dr. Modi's reassuring and compassionate presence.


This philosophy underscores our commitment to providing not only physical relief but also nurturing mental and emotional well-being, reflecting the interconnectedness of mind and body in the pursuit of holistic health.



At our facility, we aspire to provide a comprehensive solution for all your health, fitness, and beauty aspirations, positioning ourselves as a one-stop destination for transformative well-being.


Our commitment to helping you achieve the body of your dreams is exemplified by our on-site fitness trainer and nutritional consultant who work collaboratively to guide you towards sustainable results.


Recognizing that lasting changes necessitate lifestyle modifications, we focus on assisting you in cultivating new, beneficial routines that contribute to your overall health and well-being.


Dimple Sopher, our ace-certified fitness and lifestyle coach, brings her expertise to the forefront, specializing in women-centric workouts and demonstrating a unique ability to craft adaptable fitness regimens suitable for all age groups.


Whether your goals involve strength training, enhancing flexibility for improved mobility, weight loss, or stress management, Dimple's constant motivating presence ensures that you remain encouraged and empowered throughout your fitness journey.


Dimple Sopher's proficiency extends beyond traditional fitness coaching; she serves as a dedicated guide, steering individuals toward their specific fitness goals.


Her emphasis on creating flexible and tailored fitness regimes reflects our commitment to addressing the unique needs of each individual, fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment for diverse age groups.


With Dimple's guidance and motivational support, our facility becomes more than just a fitness center—it transforms into a nurturing space where clients embark on a holistic journey toward achieving their optimal health and fitness.

At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.


At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.

Our diet and nutritional consultant, Alysson Sopher, brings a wealth of expertise to the table, armed with a diploma in nutrition and weight management from the American College of Sports Medicine.


Recognizing that eating right is a science, Alysson tailors her approach to each individual, custom-making diet plans that align with their unique body type and lifestyle needs.


Her comprehensive knowledge, rooted in a reputable educational background, ensures that clients receive personalized nutritional guidance that goes beyond generic advice.


With a commitment to precision and scientific understanding, Alysson's role is pivotal in helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through well-crafted dietary plans that not only promote physical well-being but also consider the diverse lifestyle factors of each client.



Studio Aesthetique is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Roshani Shenazz, a distinguished Global Spiritual Guide and Accredited Holistic Therapist.


With over a decade of spiritual wisdom, Roshani brings a unique blend of practical simplicity and compassion to her transformative work, touching the lives of thousands.


The partnership introduces one-on-one sessions with Roshani, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and sacredness in this divine endeavor.


Roshani's approach to spiritual healing encompasses a holistic perspective, addressing ailments in all facets of life—from physical and mental well-being to tangible challenges in relationships, finances, abundance, growth, and career.


Emphasizing the distinction between curing and healing, Roshani guides individuals towards addressing root causes rather than merely suppressing symptoms, whether they stem from childhood experiences, early life, birthing and pregnancy, or even past lives.


This collaboration marks a profound step towards offering comprehensive well-being at Studio Aesthetique.

In Roshani Shenazz, Studio Aesthetique has found a partner dedicated to providing spiritual healing that delves into the essence of various life challenges.


Roshani's expertise in addressing issues at their root cause resonates with the studio's commitment to holistic well-being.


By extending spiritual healing beyond conventional boundaries, Studio Aesthetique aims to empower individuals to overcome challenges, fostering a transformative journey toward physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.


Roshani's guidance promises not only relief from immediate concerns but also a deeper understanding and resolution of issues that may have roots in various aspects of one's life journey.

At Studio Aesthetique, we firmly embrace the philosophy that involves healing the entirety of mind, body, and spirit.
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