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Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry, particularly with the use of nitrous oxide, serves as a compassionate and effective solution for individuals facing various challenges during dental procedures.

If you experience dental phobia, characterized by intense fear and anxiety related to dental visits, sedation with nitrous oxide provides a calming and relaxing experience, allowing you to receive necessary dental care without overwhelming stress.

For those with special needs, including individuals with physical or cognitive impairments, sedation dentistry ensures a more comfortable and accommodating environment, promoting accessibility to essential dental treatments.

WHAT is Sedation Dentistry?


At Studio Aesthetique, we recognize that dental pain, at its most intense, has the power to diminish even the bravest individuals. Understanding the profound impact of dental fear, we offer Nitrous oxide to infuse humor and ease into the dental experience.


Neglecting dental anxiety can trigger adverse reactions in patients, as apprehensive individuals often exhibit a lowered pain reaction threshold.


The interconnectedness of pain and anxiety underscores the importance of addressing both aspects. Through the administration of Nitrous oxide, we strive to create a calming atmosphere, enabling patients to alleviate anxiety and undergo dental procedures with increased comfort and confidence.


WHY Sedation Dentistry?

1. Phobia related to dental procedures: Dental phobia can be a significant barrier to seeking necessary oral care. For those experiencing an intense fear of dental procedures, sedation dentistry, often employing nitrous oxide, provides a tranquil and stress-free experience. This gentle sedative helps individuals relax, making dental visits more manageable and allowing them to receive essential treatments without the overwhelming anxiety associated with dental phobia.

 2. Special needs: Individuals with special needs, including those with physical or cognitive impairments, may face unique challenges during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry offers acompassionate and accommodating solution, ensuring a more comfortable and accessible environment for individuals with special needs.


This approach enhances inclusivity, allowing everyone to receive the dental care they require with dignity and understanding.


3. Fear and general anxiety disorder: Fear and general anxiety disorders can make routine dental visits daunting. Sedation dentistry, particularly with nitrous oxide, acts as a calming agent, alleviating anxiety and creating a more relaxed environment. This enables individuals with anxiety disorders to undergo dental treatments with greater ease, fostering a positive relationship with oral health care.


4. Sensitive oral nerves: Sensitive oral nerves can make dental procedures uncomfortable. Sedation dentistry becomes an invaluable ally in such cases, as it ensures a pain-free and serene experience. Nitrous oxide, in particular, helps individuals with sensitive oral nerves relax, minimizing discomfort and allowing for a smoother and more pleasant dental treatment.


5. Small-mouth that becomes sore during procedures: Individuals with a small mouth that tends to become sore during dental procedures can benefit significantly from sedation dentistry.


The use of nitrous oxide ensures relaxation, reducing discomfort associated with prolonged or invasive treatments. This approach contributes to a more positive and pain-free experience, even for those with physical limitations related to the size of their mouth.


6. Nervousness: Feeling nervous about dental visits is a common concern for many individuals. Sedation dentistry addresses nervousness by creating a calm and soothing atmosphere during procedures.

Nitrous oxide, known for its relaxing properties, helps individuals overcome nervousness, making dental appointments more pleasant and ensuring a positive association with oral health care.


The Sedation PROCESS at Studio Aesthetique:

  • The sedation process at Studio Aesthetique commences with the completion of a thorough questionnaire to assess your medical history and determine suitability.

  • Once identified as a suitable candidate without medical contradictions, nitrous oxide, an odorless gas, is recommended. Administered through a comfortable mask over your nose, pure oxygen is simultaneously provided.

  • The gas is administered only as long as required for the dental procedure, during which patients typically experience a light-headed and happy sensation.

  • As soon as the dental procedure concludes, the mask is removed, and the effects of nitrous oxide dissipate, leaving the patient feeling normal and at ease.


  • Nitrous oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas," is a preferred form of sedation among patients, renowned for its gentle and effective calming effects during dental procedures.

  • It serves as an excellent method to alleviate anxiety, making dental visits more comfortable by taking the edge off and promoting relaxation throughout the treatment.

  • One of its standout advantages is the rapid dissipation of its effects, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure, including driving back home or returning to work. Throughout the entire treatment, patients can expect a state of relaxation and freedom from pain.

  • During your entire treatment you will be relaxed and pain-free

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