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WHAT are Fillings?

Carbohydrate rich food and sweetened liquids often remain entrapped in the crevices on a tooth or the spaces 

between teeth. Oral bacteria feed off it and release gases that causes the breakdown of the top most layer of the tooth enamel. Thus leading to cavities on the tooth surface. Fillings are done to restore the tooth to its natural state.

WHY do fillings?

Fillings are done to remove the decay from teeth and restore them to their normal anatomy. Aggressive brushing with medium or hard brushes also cause wear of the necks of teeth, thus making them sensitive. Fillings done on these surface, reverse teeth sensitivity


The PROCESS of Fillings at Studio Aesthetique:

At Studio Aesthetique, we do only esthetic fillings using minimally invasive techniques.

  • All bonding and restorative materials used are biocompatible and Reality 5- star rated

  • We make sure that the resin filling done matches the color of your tooth

  • The finished, polished filling is undetectable and blends well into your tooth

  • At Studio Aesthetique, we lay great emphasis on occlusion and hence we make sure that the filling is well contoured and fits well into your mouth without creating any areas of stress

  • Sometimes, the decay may involve a very large portion of the tooth. At such times, we advise ceramic fillings fabricated in the lab

  • The inlays and onlays (ceramic fillings) are then bonded into your tooth creating a seamless interface between natural tooth and the filling

BENEFITS of Fillings:

  • The filling material is biocompatible

  • The procedure is painless and quick

  • Preventing deep cavity which could lead to root canal treatment or tooth extraction


Single sitting Root canal treatment

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WHAT is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a non-surgical treatment to relieve orofacial pain due to pulpal injury

WHY Root Canal Treatment?

  • It is the most common and safe procedure to preserve a tooth

  • It is indicated when the tooth is infected either due to decay or trauma.

  • This simple treatment can save your natural tooth 

  • Infection of the pulp can be caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks or repeated dental procedures.

  • The most common symptom of infection would be a swelling in the gum around the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and pain.

The Root Canal PROCESS at Studio Aesthetique:

  • Our approach to root canals is through advanced diagnostic technology and therapeutic amenities to help you relax.

  • Combined with local anaesthetic and proper pain medication, our experienced team delivers efficient long-lasting results, making your root canal experience easy and comfortable.

  • At Studio Aesthetique, you can watch a DVD; and relax while our highly skilled endodontist (root canal specialist) completes your treatment in a single sitting. Advanced dental technology has made this procedure quick and pain free.

BENEFITS of Root Canal Treatment:

  • Prevent the tooth from removal/extraction

  • Own natural tooth is preserved

  • If the infected tooth is left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the body. Root canal will help solve the infection.

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