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The treatments and care available at Studio Aesthetique along with the skilled and experienced doctors create a bespoke Dentofacial Aesthetic clinic environment. We have a reputation that transverses geographical boundaries and thus, many of our clients travel from international destinations to be treated by our highly experienced multidisciplinary team.

Advanced technologies and wifi connectivities allows video consultations with detailed scans and x-rays, done at your country of residence. We can suggest a bespoke treatment plan. Studio Aesthetique is located in the heart of Mumbai, in the green suburbs of Juhu. Only 20 mins away from the international airport in Mumbai. A plethora of hotel options

ranging from 3-5star hotels are available close to Studio Aesthetique. We are happy to book accommodation and transport on your behalf, making sure that your care begins the moment you arrive, allowing you to enjoy your visit stress and worry-free.

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