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 Dr. Neekita Modi

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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. That’s what Dr. Neetika Modi staunchly believes in, as she helps boost her patients’ self-confidence.

With expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, she and her team, based out of their office at Studio Aesthetique in Mumbai, whiten, reshape, and repair broken, crooked, and unsightly teeth with porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges.


Dr. Neetika Modi takes great pride in the creation of every new smile. There is artistry to the profession and she finds it extremely gratifying to see a beautiful new smile on the face of a satisfied patient.


In practice for over 20 years, Dr. Modi has been able to balance the creative and technical sides of dentistry. Her skills in painting and photography have given her a keen eye for composition and the ability to visualize and create beautiful new smiles.


In today’s world where aesthetics is of prime importance, she feels responsible for creating a smile that exudes warmth, positivity, and self-confidence.


The combination of warm smiles and advanced expertise has contributed to her reputation as one of the most loved and respected dentists in Mumbai.


This suggests a strong connection with her patients and peers, indicating a high level of trust and satisfaction among those she serves.


Dr. Neetika Modi’s comprehensive approach to dental care encompasses both the ability to identify dental issues through diagnosis and the proficiency to perform necessary surgical procedures.


She is capable of formulating the ideal plan for each case. This indicates a personalized approach to dental care, recognizing that each patient may have unique needs and circumstances.


The ability to tailor treatment plans suggests a commitment to providing customized and effective solutions for optimal oral health outcomes.


A graduate of Nagpur University School of Dentistry in 1996, she pursued further studies in the USA and earned herself additional certificates in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Neetika Modi, a seasoned dental professional, has leveraged her expertise by conducting numerous webinars and serving as a mentor to aspiring young dental graduates seeking internships under her guidance.


With a wealth of experience and a passion for sharing knowledge, Dr. Modi has played a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of dental professionals.


Her commitment to mentorship not only provides valuable learning opportunities but also inspires and empowers future dentists to excel in their careers.


Through her webinars and mentorship programs, Dr. Modi continues to make a significant impact on the dental community, shaping the industry's future leaders and fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning.


Her clientele boasts of actors and celebrities, corporate heads and models and we are proud to be the clinic of choice to many consulates.

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