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Laser Dentistry

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WHAT are Lasers?

Lasers are increasingly used in dental practices. They are painless and results are immediate.

WHY Lasers?

  • Gingival contouring, inconsistency in your gum line are normal, but sometimes can lead to an uneven or awkward smile making you feel self-conscious. Soft tissue lasers are used for gingival remodelling.

  • Soft tissue laser application also includes wound healing, removal of hyperplastic tissue to uncovering of impacted or partially erupted tooth, photodynamic therapy for malignancies, photo stimulation of herpetic lesion

  • In hard tissue application, the laser is used for caries prevention, bleaching, restorative removal and curing, cavity preparation, dentinal hypersensitivity, growth modulation.


The Laser PROCESS at Studio Aesthetique:

  • Our specialists use hi-tech lasers to recontour your gum tissue, creating an ideal balance between pink (gums) & white (teeth) in your mouth

  • At Studio Aesthetique, crown lengthening procedures are undertaken along with gingival contouring treatments to give you a sparkling smile. It’s like a face lift for your gums

  • Studio Aesthetique is proud to offer state-of-the-art laser technology for hard tissues. This takes away the pain and stress associated with the drill



  • It’s an effective tool to increase efficiency, ease, and cost and comfort of the dental treatment

  • Cavity preparation is sound free and pain free

  • The process is quick, easy and comfortable

  • Gingival bleeding is minimal with lasers compared to traditional surgical modalities

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