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Cosmetic surgeries, including surgical procedures, at Studio Aesthetique, encompass a spectrum of techniques involving the re


Cosmetic surgeries, including surgical procedures, at Studio Aesthetique, encompass a spectrum of techniques involving the restoration, reconstruction, and alteration of the human body. Our commitment to enhancing confidence and comfort empowers clients to choose from a diverse array of cosmetic surgery options tailored to their individual needs and aspirations.

At Studio Aesthetique, our journey with each client commences with a meticulous consultation process led by our experienced plastic surgeon. During this pivotal phase, our surgeon dedicates time to engage with the client, attentively listening to their desires and addressing any concerns they may have.


Through open dialogue, the surgeon thoroughly explains the range of treatment options available, ensuring the client is empowered with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions that align with their aesthetic goals and aspirations.

Once the client has chosen their desired procedure and feels confident in their decision, we proceed to the next step: pre-operative preparations.


This stage is paramount for ensuring the individual's readiness for surgery and establishing a baseline for monitoring their post-operative health. Through comprehensive blood work and tests, we meticulously assess the client's medical status, prioritizing their safety and well-being throughout the surgical journey.


Before any surgical intervention takes place, our team meticulously documents the client's starting point by capturing comprehensive photographs. This serves as a valuable reference point for tracking progress and showcasing the transformative results achieved through our procedures.


Furthermore, we prioritize clear communication and understanding by diligently reviewing and signing consent forms, fostering transparency and trust between the client and our surgical team. At Studio Aesthetique, we are committed to providing a personalized and comprehensive approach to aesthetic enhancement, guided by expertise, empathy, and a dedication to client satisfaction.


Studio Aesthetique takes pride in its well-trained nursing staff, dedicated to providing the highest level of care. Throughout the surgical process, our nursing team ensures the comfort, safety, and well-being of each patient.

From pre-operative preparations to post-operative recovery, our team stands by, offering compassionate care and support to make the surgical experience at Studio Aesthetique as seamless and reassuring as possible.

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