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These testimonials stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations and ensuring every patient leaves Studio Aesthetique feeling empowered, confident, and radiant.


   Dr. Neetika is very thorough and firm but very very gentle


  and caring at the same time. Highly recommend services at

    Studio Aesthetique

                - Aishwarya Misra

An excellent team of professionals under the able leadership


of Doctor Neetika Modi.

         - Cdr Pradeep Dixit

    ​“I am so happy to have been treated by the clinic, right

    from the appointment to evaluation, the privacy and

    comfort factor has been exceptional, brilliant follow-up,

    highly recommended.”       – Ms Sana Khan, Dubai.

                                                                                                    “I would rate Studio Aesthetique at the highest                                                                                                                             possible rating. My experience was very good, fabulous.                                                                                                             I got the results I wanted. The liposuction that was done                                                                                                            was the best thing I ever did for myself. Standards are                                                                                                                world class.”    – Ms Rucha Prakash, Mumbai. 

         ​​“I went to Studio Aesthetique for a peel and it was

     great. I was very skeptical of peels in general. But all the

     rough bumps were gone from my skin. I got peely a few

     days later, but after about 3 days my skin looked great.”

                  – Ms Rageshwar¡, Mumbai.

​​                                                                                              “I have been coming to Studio Aesthetique for two years

                                                                                             for their laser services, and it’s been great. The work they

                                                                                             do has turned out great – I’ve been getting lasered in

                                                                                              various places and the hair and skin. I highly recommend                                                                                                              checking these guys out. (And the prices are affordable too.)”

                                                                                                                 – Ms Anita Thakur, Mumbai.

        ​“After I had undergone a Facelift  , I really had a lot

     of confidence in myself. I was very happy with the warm

    welcome and the cleanliness of the place. I would say that

    anyone who wants cosmetic surgery must go to

    Studio Aesthetique!!”

                    – Vikram Motwani, Pune. 

                                                                                                “I must thank Studio Aesthetique from the bottom of my

                                                                                             heart for  the great job they have done on me. My VASER                                                                                                           Liposelection results have been fantastic, and everyone who is                                                                                                   meeting me are surprised to see the changes.”

                                                                                                      – Ami Patel, Gujarat.


    ​​“Its been 2.5 months now that I got operated for a full body

      Vaser liposelection and a tummy tuck … I am yet to pinch

      myself and wake up from my dreams and get into the

      reality of start believing that “ITS ME” .

      The results are  “MAGICAL”

                      – Neelima, Banglore.​​

A big thank you Dr. Nitika n her team for taking care of me n


my teeth


         - Dr Gayartri Athalye

Excellent staff and had a great experience with Dr. Neetika


Modi. One of the best dento-facial clinics in Mumbai.


Definitely recommend it.

              - Yuvraj Keswani

I had a great experience at Studio Aesthetique. Dr. Modi and


her team are incredible at their work.

        - Eshaa Makhija

          Dr. Neetika Modi has been my dentist for a long time.


   She has taken care of the dental health of my entire family.


Root canals, crowns, fixing broken teeth, you name it! I highly

     recommend Dr Neetika Modi

              - Angel Noronha       


                  My daughter just got implants by Dr. Neetika Modi.

         She was the answer to all our dental issues. There is no one I

     would trust more. Her soft hands have always been a relaxed joyful

  treatment for my daughter. Thanks to Dr Neetika to bring my daughters

        sweet smile back. Grateful to you always.


                   - Ms Neeta Ahuja


                 My experience so far at Studio Aesthetique has been

          fantastic. I have known Dr. Neetika Modi for years and she has

     always been the go-to dentist for me & my family. I underwent the

  Invisalign treatment while I was there, which took around 1.5-2 years.

I was initially apprehensive but everyone at the clinic was very supportive


   and made the whole experience seamless. They also adjusted to my

    difficult work schedule whenever needed. Needless to say, I’m very

       happy with the results and grateful to Dr. Modi for steering me in


      the right direction!

                       - Natali Kapadia

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