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Dr Madhu Chopra is a trained ENT specialist from AFMC (Pune) and worked for the Armed Forces for a major part of her professional career. When she discovered the vast world

of cosmetic surgery and the hope that it offers to millions,

she was enchanted. 

Dr Madhu has travelled across the globe to learn and master the many procedures of cosmetic surgery and its ever

changing technology. Leading by example from the front,

Dr. Madhu excelled scholastically and has a string of illustrious academic achievements.


Very passionate and committed to bring an intense sense of ‘look good’ and ‘feel good’ aspirations amongst people and to develop a sense of well being and high self esteem to live a quality of life, Dr Madhu underwent intensive training workshops in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology from Singapore, Spain, Italy, Miami, France and today, she is perhaps one of the few doctors to have covered the entire gamut of Body, Skin and Hair Management.


  • Managing Director of Studio Aesthetique Health & Hosp. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Director of Purple Prive Resort Pvt. Ltd

  • Certified Cosmetic Aesthetician from American Esthetic Institute, Miami, Florida, USA

  • Trained and completed certificate course in Aesthetic Lasers.

  • Successfully Certified in Smart Lipo(Laser Liposlysis by NdYag) from Italy.

  • Successfully Certified in Mesotheraphy from Florida.

  • Successfully Certified in Fillers from Florida.

  • Successfully Certified in BOTOX from Florida.

  • Successfully Certified in Non Surgical Body Sculpting - Ultrashape from Italy.

  • Successfully Certified in Threadlift from Italy.

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