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Dental Bonding

WHAT is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding is a simple procedure used extensively in cosmetic dentistry that is used for esthetic fillings, to cement inlays or onlays, to fabricate resin veneers and also for cementing esthetic metal free crowns and bridges.


WHY Bonding?

  • Patients with any teeth imperfections of size, shape, and spacing can opt for bonding

  • Bonding can be used to fabricate quick resin veneers

  • Close midline gaps and spacing in smile

  • To cement large ceramic fillings

WHY Direct Resin Veneers?

Direct Resin Veneers are recommended for a quick makeover, if time and money both are in constraint.


The Resin Veneer PROCESS at Studio Aesthetique:

  • We at Studio Aesthetique take great pride in our custom-made single day smile design with Resins, a material
    Dr. Modi loves to play around with. It’s when the paint brushes and palate of colors comes out.

  • As she meticulously does her work of art on your smile, you come out of the clinic a changed person smiling
    away confidently.


  • Affordability and cost, resin veneers are less expensive than the porcelain veneers

  • The procedure takes a single visit for completion

  • No special preparation needed in the procedure

  • Fast results, immediately boosts in self-confidence

  • No major risks, no side effects

  • Less invasive, little to no removal of your enamel

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