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We understand the needs of our Senior citizens and prioritize their comforts with regards to appointment scheduling and treatments. Our clinic is equipped with the latest in geriatric technology to assist them.

Missing teeth besides being a source of embarrassment, often lead to oral health problems. Gaps in smiles increase bacteria in the mouth, putting one at a higher risk of dental disease.

They also lead to bone loss in the jaw, altering the structure and appearance of the face.

​Fixed prosthesis, are recommended for replacing missing teeth. We believe, nobody should go to bed with their teeth in a box beside them. Hence, we recommend fixed bridges or implant supported prosthesis.

For those, who cannot avail fixed dental prosthesis we have the option of removable dentures.

TREATMENTS for Geriatric Dentistry:

  • Implant Supported Fixed Bridges and caps:

We recommend to replace missing teeth either by implants or by bridges. Doing so, helps maintain the occlusion in the mouth

  • Face – Lift:

Face lift is recommended for our seniors who have had loss of face height due to age. It's an instant way to take off decades from your face.

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Full Mouth Rehablitation is adviced for patients who have a completely worn-out dentition. It improves the occlusion and restores balance, thus aiding in better chewing efficiency, enhanced dento-facial aesthetics and digestion.


  • Dentures:

For those of our clients who opt for removable appliances either due to monitory constraints, poor bone condition or chronic diseases like diabetes we offer dentures. Two types of dentures are available - complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural

teeth remain.


The Studio Aesthetique PROCESS for Geriatric Dentistry:

Our TREATMENTS for geriatric patients are guided by 4 simple rules:

  • Detailed imaging and scanning

  • Minimum sittings and maximum results

  • Excellent speech and esthetics

  • Improved chewing efficiency

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