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Cosmetic implant surgery can make some body parts look rounder, fuller and more defined. Jaw or chin implants are typically made of silicone or a polyethylene. The implants are designed to specifically fit a patient’s individual face shape. The implant elongates the look of the jaw, typically by the chin, to give the face a sharper angle and more pronounced jaw line.


  • Cheek implants are a simple, effective, customizable, permanent and reversible procedure.

  • Buttock implants may make a person's bottom rounder.

  • Jaw implants are an outpatient plastic surgery procedure that elongates the look of the jaw by placing an implant either under the ear or by the chin.

  • It should only be done by a trained and certified plastic surgeon.


  • The procedure is generally safe but all cosmetic surgery carries some risk.

  • Side effects can include allergic reaction to the implant, bleeding, scarring, and more.



  • Most patients will be able to resume most normal daily activities after seven days of recovery.

  • The procedure is done under anesthesia.

  • You will need to arrange to take time off from work and for someone to drive you home

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