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Studio aestique skin aesthetic centre is home to mumbai best injectors providing innovative aesthetic procedures includes lip injections with dermal fillers, wrinkles prevention treatment with botox and other neuromodulators.

At SS we offer state of the art ease treatments and laser hair reduction, body sculpting with vaserliposection, skin desurfacing with U.S.F.D.A apprive technology desserfic.

For skincare we offer revitilor facials, microdermabrasion PRP and hydrofacials.

Quickly (Ready in two weeks)

Beautiful Ever After

1. Identify – The service is based on the skin needs

2. Treat – Treat to get synergistic effect

3. Sustain – With home care products and maintenance service

4. Customised protocol according to skin is designed for the big day

5. Skin/Body polishing – miceodemabeas

Declutter the dead skin from your body with MDA; as it gives you a smooth soft baby skin

Perfect smiles gives perfect pics

Teeth whitening with perfect lips enhance you confidence and your smile

Painless, No docotime

A lot of running around and last chores leads to dehydration of skin and body. A perfect hydrafacial with vitamin C

and serums repair the skin internally and gives that glow from within. The 90-minute treatment includes manual cleansing, extractions and a peptide mask. A perfect balance of enemical exfoliation with the infusion of antioxidants and moisture. Skin brightening antioxidants with vitamin C. Glutathione with vitamin C helps in skin hydration and gives a fantastic, healthy, smooth texture of the skin. Can be given IV or in an application form.

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