Note from M.D

The need to look good is more important today than it ever was. Our work environment, our lifestyle, our culture and our mode of communication has witnessed a massive shift. Our public and private worlds have merged and become more digitally aligned. Sometimes these mergers of our worlds leave us with very little time for ourselves and may leave us feeling a little uncared for.

But we have seen that feeling good and confident has a lot to do with the way we look and present ourselves. Our lives don’t really leave us with much time to pamper ourselves every single day.

So we went looking for a great way by which one could feel fabulous each and every day – inside and out!

After a good deal of research and studying, we, the Late Dr Ashok Chopra and Dr Madhu Chopra, understood that we could bridge this gap. With ‘Studio Aesthetique’ we offer confidence boosting procedures and treatments for men and women that revolutionizes the world of skin sculpting and grafting – all in a secure and safe environment. So that you can feel beautiful and confident without any added baggage.

That is why our mantra at Studio Aesthetique is – Fine today. Fabulous tomorrow!

– Dr Madhu Chopra, Managing Director, Studio Aesthetique.

Vision and Mission

Studio Aesthetique Cosmetic Day-Care Centre has been founded on the principles of utmost commitment and professionalism. From the very moment that you step into our facility to the time you return home feeling fabulous and satisfied with your enhanced appearance, Studio Aesthetique strives to bring you joy and contentment through high quality, safe and affordable cosmetic procedures while taking every step to safeguard your privacy.

What makes us stand apart in a sea of cosmetic surgery centres spread across the country is our state-of-the-art technology coupled with the most skilled surgeons and aestheticians; making our centre a sought after resource. Studio Aesthetique offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgery with minimal downtime procedures that will enhance your aesthetic and cosmetic appeal within the reach of your budget.

Studio Aesthetique Cosmetic Day-Care Centre has been carefully crafted to give you a warm and friendly welcome. Our administrative staff is courteous and will go the extra mile to help you make a sound and informed decision on the cosmetic procedures that you may choose.


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