Breast implants are becoming more popular than every before with today’s generation. There are more young people undergoing breast implants than ever before, the younger generation of people (in the age group 18 – 30) are more inclined towards getting breast implants done due to their lifestyle. The beach going generation is more narcissist about the way they look and this directly relates to the way that they feel when they are out in the open.

With the younger generation hitting puberty faster than ever before, things are quickly changing and as more options are being made available with advanced surgeries and operations, it’s getting even easier for them to get a breast implant done. A lot of what the younger generation is doing is also due to the media and the way it is portraying women in this generation. The media is prone to showing to perfect women with a perfect body lines and a good definition of what they are doing is coming in from a lot of Photoshop and image tweaking that the younger generation is failing to realize. The younger generation looks up these models as their source of inspiration and this often leads to them getting bodies.


Img Source : FoxNews

Another question that arises from these procedures is the safety of these procedures and the repercussions that happen because of this, while breast implants are not painful as such, there have been issues relating to the silicone gel giving way in previous operations. To counter these issues, new generations of implants have been brought in that promise to be stronger and hold for a longer time – they claim that even if a truck were to run over these implants, they would still hold and give way – if the boyfriend or husband exerts more force than what a truck is capable of doing, there are more serious issues that need to addressed!

With advanced procedures and operation models, breast implants are becoming safer and better for the current generation. At Studio Aesthetique, we understand your requirements better and are always willing to help customers with their requirements. Get in touch with us today here and a senior personnel will get in touch with you to understand your requirement and suggest best ways possible for maximum results.