Professional myostimulator VIP Complex is a universal solution for a complex cosmetic problems: prevention and treatment of cellulite, removing excess weight, reducing body fat, fast local modeling of the figure, increased tone of the tissues and muscles, lymphatic drainage, prevention and treatment of aging, massage mini-lift and removal of wrinkles antieydzh-care.

Technology of VIP Complex

Infrared rays for bio-activation of cells and metabolism and for figure reshaping.
Induced directional waves for muscle toning.
Transion for localized rapid slimming.
Isogei for non invasive rapid full firming.
Linfogei lymphatic and venous drainage enhancement,thereby prevention of localized cosmetic problems due to bad circulation.
Microgei prevention of premature ageing –wrinkles.

Appointment apparatus VIP Complex:

Prevention and treatment of cellulite
Overweight and related cosmetic problems
Reduced fat
Fast local modeling figures
Raising the tone of tissues and muscles
lymph and venous drainage
Prevention and treatment of aging
Massage mini-lifting and wrinkle removal
Antieydzh-care directed against free radicals

Function “Infrared rays”:

Bio-activators and cell metabolism
Treatment of cellulite
Local and general obesity
Modeling the figure


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”

VIP Complex comes with a built-in cabinets or rendered by the computer (optional)