Stem cell hair rejuvenation is the procedure of administering growth factors, vitamins & proteins in the scalp of patients suffering from hair fall. These substances are injected into mesoderm, a layer under skin, which is a link between tissues of skin and layer of fat. It helps in enhancing blood distribution, triggering cell metabolism and speeding up the revival of hair follicles. It has been found to be helpful in a lot of patients suffering from active hair fall.

Stemcell Hair Rejuvenation Procedure

Hair loss and thinning hair are everyday problems for both men and women. The causes tend to be different, but the results are the same: a decline in self-confidence. It is therefore crucial to treat the problem at the beginning. Early treatment can stop hair loss or turn the process around.

Stem cell hair rejuvenation is ideal for anyone looking to fight against hair loss and thinning hair with a fast, relatively painless, non-surgical procedure.

Sessions Required

  • A minimum of 6 sessions and 3 Sessions per month for maintenance.


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”

The treatment is performed by microinjections with a special vitamin solution injected into the scalp. After 3-4 treatments the results are clear: hair follicles are stronger, improved blood circulation to the scalp stimulates hair growth, the structure of the hair is improved, it is more flexible, stronger and glossier.