“Take care of your Body. It’s the only place you have to live.”– Jim Rohn

You need your body not only for the beauty, but for health reasons, so that the obesity related effects like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, joint pains, depression and social isolation are prevented forever.

It is always best to prevent it by being careful with our diet, doing exercise, lifestyle modification, early in life. But if the problem lies in the presentation and the way your body is holds you back,then you should know that science and technology can sculpt your body to the required shape and dimensions through cosmetic surgery so that you feel good about yourself and go ahead and lead a healthy, fit and natural life.

At Studio Aesthetique, our goal is to help you FLAUNT YOUR CONFIDENCE all over again.


Smart Liposuction                              Tummy Tuck

Smart Liposuction

Tummy Tuck


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Vaser Liposelection                           Hi-Def Sculpting (6 Packs)


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Butt Lift & Enhancements








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