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MIND: Holistic Wellness Coaching

BODY: Nutrition Counselling and Physical Training

SPIRIT: Spiritual Counselling and discourses

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At Studio Aesthetique, we believe that the 'part' can never be healed unless the 'whole' is healed. We know that the routes of medicine are holistic and we endeavour to reunite modern conventional medicine with it's holistic routes. Our body hears everything the mind says. We also know that 85% of all pain is psychosomatic. So while we are treating your body and your symptoms, we also dwell into your mind and adopt a holistic healing approach. Dr. Neetika Modi blends modern psychology with Vedant in her life coaching sessions. An attitude that reflects even in dental practice where a patient's pain is immediately relieved with her reassuring presence.



We endeavor to be a one stop solution for all your health, fitness and beauty goals. We help you in achieving the body of your dreams with an on site fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. Long lasting results require lifestyle modification and we will help you transform into your absolute best with new routines.  Dimple Sopher is an ace certified fitness and lifestyle coach. Her field of expertise includes women centric workouts. Her forte is her ability to create flexible fitness regimes for all age groups. She will help you accomplish her goals, be it strength training, flexibility for mobility, weight loss or stress management. Her constant motivating presence will keep you encouraged in your fitness journey.

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Our diet and nutritional consultant Alysson Sopher comes armed with a diploma in nutrition and weight management from the American college of Sport's Medicine. Eating right is a science and we custom-make a diet plan suitable to your body type and lifestyle needs.

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Studio Aesthetic is extremely happy to join hands with Roshani Shenazz, an eminent Global Spiritual Guide. An Accredited Holistic Therapist, she brings a decade plus of spiritual wisdom, with practical simple ways of implementation that she combines with her compassion to transform thousands of lives.    Sessions are done one-on-one with highest levels of confidentiality and sacredness maintained in this divine work. Spiritual healing will contain healing of all areas of life from ailments - physical, mental, emotional to tangible issues of relationships, money, abundance, growth, career and all that affects your life. Curing suppresses the energy. Healing addresses the seeming issues from its root cause, and not the mere symptoms. Whether that is childhood or early life related, or during birthing and pregnancy or from past lives; all can be healed as guided.

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