Instalift Treatment Procedure

Want to wipe away a few fine lines, get that perfect arch for your eyebrows or get rid of the unsightly double chin? You can get all of the above done in matter of a few minutes with the help of a painless, non-surgical procedure. The latest instant facelift technique that is gaining popularity in the city is the thread contour instant lift technique.

Procedure for Instalift

The Insta lift procedure is a minimally invasive procedure in which stitches are placed under the skin to reposition, lift and tighten droopy or loose areas of the face. As no skin is cut away, there is no real surgery.

Your suitability for the thread face lift procedure will be assessed during an obligatory free medical consultation with your Aesthetical cosmetic surgeon.

An ideal candidate is a person (female or male) that has some initial facial aging, noted by subtle or evident loosening of the facial tissue. People with severe aging can benefit greatly from this procedure. If the appearance of ‘jowls’ and deeper ‘marionette’ lines negatively affect your facial presentation then they can be repaired using this cosmetic procedure.

Benefits of Instalift

The thread face lift is not like a regular face lift as it does not involve cutting and removal of skin, therefore it is not a substitute for a full surgical face lift.

This procedure is often useful for patients who have previously had a face lift but have a few residual loose or droopy areas, this procedure can ‘tidy up’ these areas.

The thread face lift procedure is also useful for younger patients who do not require full surgical face lift, surgery, or for those who do not want the scars which may result from surgery.


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”