Traditional Liposuction removes fat from deep & middle layers. Removal of superficial layer damages sensitive blood and lymphatic vessels & causes tissue scarring resulting in extensive irregularity of skin. VASER probes are unique as they protect these tissues and remove only fat. By carefully sculpting these areas we can give a superb defined look. The ultimate contour is hard lined masculinity and smooth curved femininity unleashed layer by layer by this world class technique.

Why is Hi-Def Sculpting (6 Packs) performed?

To obtain ideal body image, the precisely performed deep & superficial VASER Liposculpturing requires the skilled aesthetique aptitude and artistic eye of a trained surgeon for stunning and dramatic results that recapture the essence of your youthful looks.

The procedure involves precisely performed, deep and superficial liposculpting around muscle groups in the abdomen: the chest in men and the lower back and gluteus in women using ultrasound assisted lipoplasty (VASER).

The Vaser instrument selectively liquifies the fat and allows the surgeon to target specific fat layers to create the desired sculpted appearance of the muscles without damaging connective tissue.

Procedure For Hi-Def Sculpting (6 Packs)

The procedure is designed as an advanced scultping technique rather than standard liposuction and requires an experienced surgeon.

The procedure is indicated for males and females who have good muscle tone, exercise regularly, have good quality skin, and have been unable to achieve their desired muscle definition.

The procedure is performed under local tumescent anesthesia; the high definition liposuction goal is to remove the superficial and deep fat that covers the target muscles.

Recovery timeframe

After the procedure, patients must wait about a month before returning to their exercise routine. The first evidence of the improved muscle definition can be seen after about two weeks, when the post-procedural edema has appreciably resolved.


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”

Swelling is expected, Maximal in the first 2 weeks, then gradually subsiding. Final result can be visible in 3-4 months. Skin may feel numb on the surface but insides are tender to touch. Some areas may become hard and lumpy, this is normal and will go away when fully recovered.