Enhancing areas of the face that are deficient and reducing areas that are excessive is important for a balanced face. In general a proportionate face is liked by everyone. Facial contouring helps achieve just this. Today, there is a variety of enhancement and reduction treatments available for all parts of the face. Facial Contouring is performed over the face using Fillers or Botolinium Toxins.

Reason for perfoming facial contouring

Be it just that a part of the face is either excessive like a protruding nose or deficient like a flat chin or flat cheeks,facial contouring is performed to both enhance and reduce parts of the face so that a balanced and more attractive face is achieved. Clubbed together with other face treatments like brow lift or wrinkle treatments, your looks can be enhanced to make you look at least 10 years younger. A younger look helps boost self esteem and confidence.

Facial contouring procedure

Facial contouring can be achieved both through surgical and non surgical methods. The procedure may take from between 60 minutes to 3 hours depending in the treatments that need to be performed.

Post treatment care

After treatment or surgery, sometimes, swelling can be expected. Bruising is very rare. Recovery may take 4-5 days and results may be seen after 1-2 months of surgery. Results and recovery in non-surgical treatment is faster.

Facial Contouring Results

The main benefit of facial contouring is it corrects the contours of the face to an acceptable proportion. This helps bring the face well within the aesthetic perception of all the facial features, thus, the face ecomes more pleasing.


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”