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Hi-def Body Sculpting- For Six Pack Abs and Pects

To obtain ideal body image, the precisely performed deep & superficial VASER Body Sculpting requires the skilled aesthetic aptitude and artistic eye of a trained surgeon for stunning and dramatic results that recapture the essence of your youthful looks.


  • This procedure involves precisely performed, deep and superficial sculpting around muscle groups in the abdomen: the chest in men and the lower back and gluteus in women using ultrasound assisted lipoplasty (VASER).

  • Is designed as an advanced sculpting technique rather than standard liposuction and requires an experienced surgeon.

  • The procedure is indicated for males and females who have good muscle tone, exercise regularly, have good quality skin, and have been unable to achieve their desired muscle definition.

  • It is performed under local tumescent anesthesia; the high definition liposuction goal is to remove the superficial and deep fat that covers the target muscles.

  • After the procedure, patients must wait about a month before returning to their exercise routine. The first evidence of the improved muscle definition can be seen after about 2 weeks, when the post-procedural edema has appreciably resolved. 

  • Swelling is expected, Maximal in the first 2 weeks, then gradually subsiding. Final result can be visible in 3 - 4months.

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