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Glow Hydro-Vit IV Drip Therapy      


A poor diet, increased pollution levels, stress, smoking, trauma, aging, infections and UV radiation all deplete the body’s reserves of anti-oxidants. ​

WHAT is Glow Hydro-vit IV drip therapy?

It is the intravenous infusion of vitamins and essential nutrients into the body to improve overall wellbeing.


WHY IV Infusion?

The powerful combination of vitamins and essential nutrients is far more effective intravenously rather than administered orally. It arrests free radical damage that leads to dryness, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.


PROCESS of Hydro-Vit IV Infusion at Studio Aesthetique:

  • The Hydro-Vit IV infusion is administered by our dermatologist at our clinic slowly which will take upto an hour.

  • The exact dosage to be administered will vary from patient to patient and will be individually tailored to your needs after a thorough discussion of your skin, your lifestyle and the results you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Results are very patient dependent.  

  • The number of sessions each person needs varies.  


  • By Using this IV drip, many aging symptoms disappear including wrinkles and fine lines.

  • It tightens up the skin, thereby providing young and fresh look.

  • The infusion increases energy

  • The Hydro-Vit IV infusion protects the skin from the UV rays that helps dark patches fade over time.

  • It strengthens immune system and are safe.

  • It makes the skin fair and beautiful.

  • Pimple and acne are cured

  • Additionally, it speeds up cell turnover, replacing damaged cells with new cells giving your skin a bright, even, glowing tone. ​ ​

  • Results are not permanent. So once you have attained the skin you’re hoping to achieve you will be a prescribed a bespoke maintenance program to follow. In terms of maintaining your results, it can help to avoid factors that increase antioxidant levels in the skin.


This means avoiding smoking, poor diet and misuse of alcohol, stress, bad sleep patterns and environmental toxins.

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