Some people have lesser fat accumulation at the butt area which results in shapeless figure. Butt Enhancement and lift helps correct this and can be used to get the desired shape and/or lift that you always desired. Fat grafting to the buttocks not only gives shape to the buttocks but also contouring of other areas of the body.

How is Butt Enhancement / Lift done?

Fat is harvested (liposuctioned) from multiple areas of the body (where it may not be desired). The fat is then separated from any liquefied components and then injected into the buttocks to give a fuller look to the buttocks.

Procedure For Butt Enhancement / Lift

There is no rejection of the fat because it is not a foreign substance. It is a natural substance of the body. Not all of the fat that is injected will survive. Occasionally, a second procedure may be needed if the desired look is not obtained from the initial treatment. The lack of enough fat to liposuction can also limit the size of the buttock enhancement. Multiple areas of the body are liposuctioned in order to obtain enough fat to give the desired look.

Liposculpting the body and injecting the fat into the buttocks is a very natural way to enhance the buttocks.

Autologous Buttocks Augmentation

This procedure can be performed alongside a buttock lift to create an augmented appearance. This procedure is particularly helpful with patients who lack volume in the buttock padding or where the majority of their buttock volume lies within the excess skin and tissue to be removed. We offer two types of this augmentation: the autologous flap and the purse string gluteoplasty.

With the autologous flap, the buttock padding is lifted to a more youthful position and is sutured into place. The purse string gluteoplasty, developed by Dr Hunstad, is a buttock- enhancing procedure. A suture is placed around the circumference of each buttock pad and is tightened to give more projection to the buttock. The result with both of these procedures is a lifted, more natural and youthful contour.

Remember, this is an investment in your body and you deserve the best!


*Disclaimer-“There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from person to person.”