In today’s time when people run after spotless skin, you definitely cannot afford to keep unpleasant scars, deformities or contractures. Your personality plays an important role in boosting your confidence. In either personal field or professional a good looking self will get you some extra points. So get in touch with today Studio Aesthetique and start dreaming about your beautiful tomorrow.

We have our best surgeons and consultants to give you the most useful advice and services exactly the way you want. Sudden accidents sometimes give long lasting scars and deformities but believe us we won’t let it last for your lifetime.

Scars (keloid/Hypertrophic), burns and deformities can be are of many types. We have suitable treatments for each one of them. Depending on the type of scar different surgical procedures are practiced whether it’s a burn, scars, deformity or contractures.

The Surgical procedures that are performed are collectively called Scar Revision and are usually done under general anesthesia. Now we will talk about the scar revision procedures that are performed popularly. 

  • Skin Grafting – It is the procedure that involves removal of the damaged skin with the healthy skin taken from your other parts of the body. During the removal of Keloid Tissue (thick, itchy, unsightly clusters of scar tissue that grow beyond the borders of actual wound) skin grafting is performed by taking healthy skin from the donor site and attaching it to the surgery area.
  • Z- Plasty – In this scar revision procedure a ‘Z’ shape incision is used. In case of contracture your skin experiences a kind of pull, Z- Plasty is used in that case to decrease that pull. This technique can also be used to try and blend the Scarin the natural creases and folds of the surrounding skin.
  • Laser Surgery – In this kind of surgery different types of lasers are used to smoothen, flatten or remove abnormal discoloration of the overlying skin of the scar.
  • Skin Flap Surgery – During a flap surgery skin from a healthy part of your body along with the underlying fat, blood vessels and sometimes the muscle, is moved to the injured site.
  • Tissue Expansion – Along with skin flap surgery the technique of tissue expansion is used. In this type of surgery the amount of existing tissues are increased for re-constructive purposes.
  • Dermabrasion – For the smoothening of the scar tissues this technique is used. It is done by shaving or scrapping off the superficial layers of the skin. The goal of this technique is to improve the appearance and visibility of the scars over the time.




Precautions and Care

There is no need for prior hospitalization as Scar Revision will just take a day. Do not forget to tell the plastic surgeon about your health condition, any drug you are allergic to, any prescription or non-prescription medicines you are taking (vitamins, minerals or herbal products). It is also recommended to quit smoking two weeks prior the operation and not to resume it for at least two week after the Scar Revision surgery. Though you will heal slowly and gradually within a week but precautions should be taken for long. Final results will take a long time to become completely evident. The stitches will be removed within 3-5days of the Scar Revision surgery.


Cryotherapy – With the help of medication the scar tissue is frozen off to avoid pain, irritation and itching.

Steroid Injections – These injections reduces redness and burning sensation in the scar tissue. There are chances that it can also reduce the size of your scar.

Localized Pressure – A pressure bandage is used to apply pressure on the scar. It is done to reduce the size of the scar though it is considered as the least effective method.


The sole reason is not only to get a beautiful skin whereas there are reconstructive and functional reasons as well. Keloids and contractures are not just ugly and unattractive but they can also affect the function of your body parts particularly if they are on your hand, around your mouth or on a joint surface. With the help of Scar Revision they will not only become less evident whereas you will experience the improved functioning of the affected part.

Do you need Scar Revision?

If you have any type of scar that bothers you and make you feel less confident in public or in your personal life. If your scar or deformity is making any body part of yours dysfunctional then Scar Revision is your need and here at Studio Aesthetique every need of yours will be fulfilled.

It’s all about now or never. Think about a better tomorrow and work your best for it today. Book your appointment with us and our experts will answer all your queries. Studio Aesthetique is here to provide you the best of its service without compromising with quality at all.