Are you jealous of people who have fuller cheeks? Well, it’s not your fault because high cheek bones are a desire of every soul. They are a thing of beauty in today’s time. Fuller cheeks are God gifted to some but age takes it away soon. There are many who just dream about it. We at Studio Aesthetique believe in fulfilling everyone’s dream. At our studio we have a solution to this problem and i.e. Cheek Augmentation Surgery/ Cheek Implant.

What is cheek augmentation surgery?

Cheek implant is done to add volume in the areas of face to enhance definition. Silicon implants are inserted in those areas that give the face a balance look. Sometimes doctor recommend nose reshaping surgery or chin implants to give your face a finished look. Insertion is done either in the upper cheek or mid cheek depending on the requirement of the person. Whether you want a high cheek bone or just want your sunken face to be filled.

The surgery usually is done under common anaesthesia and the operation takes around an hour and a half to complete.

Recovery and expected results

It’s one day procedure. Sometimes doctors ask patients to stay overnight and keep them under observation. But, there is nothing to worry about. Our experts tell each and every detailed precaution that is needed to be taken. Also, you will be asked to stay in town at least for next one week. As the swelling will subside you will be seeing a new self. It will take six to eight weeks to show perfect and noticeable results. Till that time you will be asked to not get involved in any vigorous procedure that can affect the surgery area. Though, you can get back to your normal routine after a week of surgery.

Do you require a cheek implant surgery?

The surgery can be done only if you are 18 or above. If you feel less confident about your face and your cheek are sunken giving you an older look. If you want fuller looking youthful cheek that can decrease you age in huge numbers. If accentuated cheek and high define cheek bone is your dream. Then, it is your time to think about cheek augmentation surgery. Physical fitness and mental stability is a must!

Don’t think that it’s no more your age to get this surgery done because age is just a number. If you are a child at heart then you definitely deserve a younger looking face.

Cheek and Chin Augmentation by Non- Surgical Method





You can get your cheek and chin enhanced by another method as well which is non-surgical or you can say a short-cut method. Generally it’s recommended to those who don’t need major cheek and chin augmentation. Though you will get almost similar type of results the only difference here is that the filler is placed through needles in this method.

How it’s done?

The most popular products available for these procedures are: Restylane subQ & Juvederm Voluma. Before injecting the fillers the area is cleaned with antiseptic and marked using a marker pen to decide on the optimum site for enhancement. Numbing cream can be applied if patients prefer for additional comfort. The fillers are slowly injected in the marked areas where augmentation is needed. The final results can only be seen after 3-4 weeks when the swelling will subside. Though the treatment gives long lasting affect but not permanent. This can help you to stay tuned with the prevailing fashion and style.


Discover a new self.
High cheek bones and accentuated cheek
A permanent cheek enhancement.
Low post surgery risks are involved.
Results are in your control from slight to dramatic.
Younger looking face.
Safe and biocompatible materials are used.
Does not result in any kind of post surgical scars.
Cost of cheek augmentation in India

Cost of the cheek implant procedure in India varies with the type of implant you have chosen, the surgeon and the facilities that are being provided to you.

Here, at Studio Aesthetique we have the best of the best case surgeons who gives advice as per your requirement. We encourage you to educate yourself about every aspect of the surgery. You are just a call away to book you consultation. Ask your queries, take best of the best of our knowledge and then take a well informed decision about your face. Our team works on the agenda of ‘Fine today. Fabulous Tomorrow’ and hence to provide you a better tomorrow we believe in giving you the best advise today.